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So I've managed to upload a good amount of my fics today! It was tiring though... Phew! Anyways, from this list I only need...

Goodbye Orihime - IchiHime - One Shot
Can't Stop the Heart - UlquiHime - One Shot
Touch - UlquiHime - One Shot
No More Promises - IchiHime - One Shot
Five Lifetimes - IchiHime - One Shot
The Wrong Prince Charming - IchiHime - One Shot
Bunnies and Condoms - IchiHime/RenRuki - One Shot
A Private Birthday - IchiHime - One Shot

Cardcaptor Sakura
Welcome Back Home - SyaoranSakura - Chaptered - Ongoing

Harry Potter
Ginny and Echo - DracoGinny - Chaptered - Completed
Here in the Darkness - ?? - Two Chapters - Completed
Save My Dream - DracoGinny - One Shot
A Flower for Ginny - DracoGinny - One Shot

Kannazuki No Miko
Desired Destiny - SoumaHimeko - One Shot

Remember Me - NaruHina and GaaHina - Chaptered
Secrets - KakaHina - One Shot
A Small Halloween Contest - NaruHina - One Shot

Counseling - Various Pairs - Chaptered - Ongoing
Oh, Brother - N/A - Chaptered - Ongoing

That only leaves my chaptered fics left! Ay! oh and my unfinished Bleach one-shots that I have... Also two Bleach chaptered fics... Well I'll worry about them when I finish them. :) I'm glad I've got 75% of them up, though. :)

I'll be going now, my shoulder hurts and I'm sleepy.

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